Video Akhada Guidelines

Video Akhada Guidelines:

Submission Opens : August 1st 2018
Last Date for Submission : October 31st 2018

  1. Please prepare a brief case summary for initial screening and fill the Google form. (
  2. How to prepare the video:
    1. Use standard format which can run on windows and mac (use .mp4, .avi, etc)
    2. Please prepare a appropriate resolution videos
    3. Edit the videos to show the highlighted contents (Preferred duration of video would be atmost 3 minutes, can be extended in specific circumstances)
    4. Make sure to get patient consent form for presentation (wherein patients identity can be revealed).
    5. Getting video consent is the sole responsibility of the presenter and MDSICON is not responsible in any way for the same.
    6. Please label the videos with your name, and in case of multiple videos, please sequence them in order (e.g: Prashanth -1, Prashanth -2, Prashanth - 3...)
  3. How to send the videos, case summary:
    1. Please upload the videos on (maximum permeated limited is 2gb for every upload and send across to following mail ids: and OR
    2. Upload on to one of the following cloud drive accounts (your account, if you don’t have one - its free to create)
      1. Drop Box -
      2. One drive -
      3. Google drive -
      4. Then share the videos with following mail ids : and
  4. Videos with final conclusive diagnosis would be preferentially shortlisted for the Video Akhada.
  5. Deadlines :
    1. Video Submissions : October 31st 2018
    2. Intimation of Decision : December First week 2018